Andrea Perron

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Radio talk-show with Andrea Perron...!!! 

On the 18th of January 2018 at 12:00

Follow this link for more details

Talk show


The Perron Family

The Perron Family

LA Talk Radio

Here is the link to the audio of the radio show that Andrea Perron did for LA Talk Radio on Thursday December 7th 2017

All the interview is GREAT...!!!

She talks about me from 01:17:30 to 01:25:30

Andrea Perron talking about François Dubé






I will be working on a big project with Andrea Perron, the author of "House of Darkness House of Light". A trilogy which is the true story behind the 2013 feature film "The Conjuring 1". Andrea is writing the screenplay of her haunting family saga to bring the their story to light on the silver screen. I will compose the music for this motion picture and more...   





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