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Coming real soon is my new project "Dolls" that took three months to compose. Energies were strong, steady and intense...



Hatley came into my life on Friday, August 3, 2018. I went to an antique dealer in North Hatley in the Eastern Townships and was perched on top of a beam near a window, her head leaning in front of her. She had only a hat on her head, nothing else. I took her in my hands and from the first look, I absolutely had to take her at my home.


When I returned, I called a seamstress recommended by a Facebook friend. I found all the material to make her a dress and I went to the seamstress. To my surprise, she calls me back 2 weeks later saying that she simply cannot do anything in her presence and she asks me to come and pick her up. She gives me everything.


So I have to start all over again. Finally, through a friend, I found the seamstress Cécile and I went to her home at L'Ange-Gardien (Quebec). The result is the dress you see in the picture. A masterpiece, in my opinion ... !!! The opposite of the other seamstress, Cecile even got attached to the doll. She had a twinge in the heart of seeing her leaving her house.


Hatley's eyes are bright and fixed. Innocent on the surface, but the more you look at her, the more you feel the heaviness of her past. From one family to another, she saw terrible things happening around her.


Hatley sends us a destabilizing feeling. That's why the music I composed for her goes from one extreme to the other.


Hatley is the gateway to all the other dolls in the "DOLLS" universe. Once you have crossed the door, you must choose between two paths. Two worlds to discover. Which one will you take, which one will you embrace?


The only way to get there is to listen carefully to her music and you will know which one to choose the right one, I hope ... !!!


François Dubé

Just open the door and pass the gateway to the DOLLS universe and mind...!!! Your soul and mind won't be the same anymore. Who dares will create a new path that will take you to the true meaning of you life. LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN AND FOLLOW HATLEY...!!!

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